Wednesday, January 26, 2011


May some foreigners wonder about Mongolian unique ritual when they have a shot of vodka that slightly deep their annular or ring finger into (we say Yadam khuruu) class of vodka and offer to sky.
There is a legend related with Manchurian Empire ( to unravel it. Manchurian empire tried to rule whole Mongolia during the 16th century. And they had invited Mongolian loyalty to have feast and offer them poisoned vodka who could lead war against them. So it forced occurrence one expressions “Loyalty dead happens on feast and dog dead happens on ravine". But at that time there was one bright, clever and influence Mongolian overlord named Yadam. He had one of the struggling wings against Manchurian invasion. One day Manchurian envoy invited him to have feast according the methodically. There was no way to avoid invitation. Whatever overlord Yadama always big silver ring on him annular. Because of silver gets dark if put into poisoned stuffs. And soon as Yadama slightly deep his ring finger into vodka, it got darken and he realized that it is poisoned than he offered to sky with saying praise “Honored plenty mountain…” and have class of vodka by envoy's goblet for himself than survived . Since that time Mongolian have especial ritual called “Serjem urgush yoson” when they have shot of vodka.

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